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The creative team at Mise Eire the Theater Show have adapted the production to be both educational and entertaining for School children. Taking the children on a journey back in time, they hear the storyteller tell tales of fascinating characters from Ireland's magical past.
Visiting the year 550 AD and the creation of the Monastery of Clonmacnoise in County Offaly. The storyteller tells the children of how St. Ciaran built a wooden church on the site and from there, Clonmacnoise grew in size as more people came to live there. Then the Vikings attack!!
They hear the story of King Lir and his four children as they turned to swans by their Stepmother who possesses magical power.
Visit County Mayo and learn of the fierce Pirate Queen of Connacht, Grace O'Malley and her life sailing along the West coast of Ireland.
Hear roar of the hound and the tales of how the mighty warrior, Cu Chulainn got his name.
Learn and sing an Irish folk song and learn of the traditional Irish musician instruments.
Hear of the 1916 Easter Rising and how the people of Ireland fought for Ireland's independence.
Mise Eire the School show is an interactive production specifically designed for children from the age of 4.  The team are currently traveling around Ireland performing this show in school halls and theaters.
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A fantastic entertaining show, suitable for all classes. Very entertaining and enjoyable - my class are still mentioning how much they enjoyed it. I have recommended it to other teachers and principals that I know. Well done!

Tom Callaghan - Primary School Teacher

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